Weekly Business Club Meetings

After the informal networking session held in the café, we adjourn to the meeting room to discuss business in a friendly but in slightly more formal surroundings.

Contact us if you would like to attend one of these meetings as a guest, this will give you the opportunity to introduce your business and find out more about us.
Local businesses in the SK8 area at weekly business meeting

Janie Bailey, Utility Warehouse, Peter Anti from Concentric Lettings South Manchester and Mark Lister, Igloo Architecture.

Tarik Toma and Chris Jones attending HGBC networking meeting

Chris Jones, Independant Financial Advisor HG Financial Planning and Tarik Toma, Business Development Consultant

John Buckley, Chris Turner and John Williams joining in business discussions

John Buckley Minute Man Press, Chris Turner TLC Computer Servicing and John Williams Manchester IT.

Breakfast club meeting around table

Local business people discussing how much business has been generated by referrals.

Heald Green Business Club members smiling during the network meeting

Whilst the primary objective is to talk business we always manage to have a good time as well.

David Burke addressing the HGBC meeting

David Burke from Burke and Clarke explaining new rules applying to property tax.

Members of the HGBC meeting to discuss ways of generating revenue

Chris Jones offering us excellent financial advice.

John Buckley discussing merchandising

John Buckley from Minuteman Press talking about new merchandising products available.

David Stonefield Charted Accountant Cheadle, Stockport, Cheshire holding a Tarantula

Who said accountants are boring, certainly not David Stonefield! Andrew Grantham from Animals In-Tuition brought along one of his friends to our weekly meeting.

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