Christmas Parties

Photographs taken at recent SK8 Networking Christmas Parties.
David and Linda Stonefield at the Moss Nook

In Christmas 2010, SK8 Networking celebrated with a delicious meal at the Moss Nook Restaurant.

Janice Partlett, Sonia Beetham and Sarah Rahman

Merv Payne, Kate Gatty and Liz Couchman

Chris and Sashiko Jones with Andrew Grantham

Angela Bent,, Mr and Mrs Barry Dickenson

John and Kathleen Buckley and John Williams

Chris Jones Positive Solutions dancing at the Christmas Party

Photographs taken at the SK8 Networking Christmas Party 2009 at the Village Hotel in Cheadle.

Elaine Edwards Jem Cleaning chatting to her HGBC colleagues

Elaine Edwards (JEM Cleaning) chatting over dinner.

Paul Middleton from the Dental Lounge with Wife Jo

Paul Middleton (The Dental Lounge) with his wife Jo.

Andrew Grantham, John and Kathleen Buckley at the dinner table

Andrew Grantham (Animals in-tuition) and John and Kathleen Buckley (Minuteman Press) all looking very happy.

John Williams, Neil Dolan and Chris Jones enjoying gateaux

John Williams (Manchester IT), Neil Dolan (Cheshire Vacuums) and Chris Jones settling down to pudding.
Neil looks like he is enjoying it!

Sonia Beetham, Angela Bent and Elaine Edwards laughing

Sonia Beetham (Cover Electrical), Angela Bent (WebGuild Media) and Elaine Edwards. What did Elaine say to make Angela laugh, is that a wry smile on Sonia's face?!

Chris Jones on the dance floor

Is Neil thinking about asking Chris for a dance?!

Liz Couchman and Chris Turner and his wife Late

Liz Couchman (Alex Merlin Consultancy) and Chris Turner (TLC Computer Services) and Kate Turner enjoying a glass or two. Chris is just checking the vintage.

Liz Couchman holding a bottle of wine

Liz is looking pleased with herself because she won a bottle of wine in a game involved in finding the right key.

The Heald Business Club members sat ready for their evening Christmas meal

Most of the club members were able to join the Christmas party, here we all are. Roll on next Christmas!

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