Gatley Festival 2010

A few of the photographs that were taken of HGBC members at the Club's stand.  As a Club we try and promote local people to use local businesses, we also have the opportunity to speak to potential local business people who would benefit from joining a breakfast club.
Overhead view of the Gatley Festival

This years Gatley Festival was well attended again this year.

Two HGBC members chatting in front of the HGBC Gazebo

Liz Couchman (Alex Merlin Consultancy) and Chris Turner (TLC Computer Servicing) handing out leaflets.

3 members chatting

Sarah Rahman (The Body Whispers), Angela Bent (WebGuild Media) and Chris Jones (Positive Solutions [Financial Services] Ltd talking about meeting potential members.

Andrew Grantham holding Charlotte his tarantula

Andrew Grantham (Animals In-Tuition) holding Charlotte the tarantula one of his many exotic animals.

Andrew Gratham showing off his exotic animals

Andrew always has a crowd of happy people wanting to look at his collection of exotic animals.

Snakes and other exotic animals safely put away

Glad to see Andrew keeps his animals safe and secure.

David Stonefield and John Buckley shaking hands

John Buckley (Minuteman Press Stockport) and David Stonefield (David Stonefield Chartered Accountants) look pleased to see each other.

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